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In addition to FREE advertisements, BIDaTRUCK also offers you an unrivaled auction tool for your vehicles. This allows you to receive binding offers quickly and easily and always has the option to reject the sale at the highest bid after the auction! So you always have 100% security at every auction.

What problem can we solve for you?

The standing time! So far, your advertisements have been competing with other advertisements on other sales exchanges. In an auction, however, various prospective buyers compete for your vehicle. It is not uncommon for this to generate higher but definitely faster revenue for your vehicle.

In the case of an advertisement, the purchase price offer always comes from “below”. That means a prospective buyer offers you its own price and you have to decide whether to grant or deny the requested discount. If e.g. €20,000 are called up as the sales price in the advertisement, the buyer will never pay €21,000. On the contrary: The mention of a price in an advertisement is the upper limit of a sales price and invites the buyer down to the negotiation. This is how “selling” has worked for several centuries! At our blind auctions, every prospective buyer offers his price and does not know the current bid status or the price bids of other bidders. The bidder only receives the information that he is the highest bidder or whether there is a higher price bid in the market.

With an online auction you save the often very high transportation costs to an auction location and the possible return transport costs from the auction location back to you if your minimum price was not achieved during the physical auction. To ensure that there are no nasty surprises after an online auction, we recommend that you provide your auction vehicles with a current technical report. Our tip: speak to a test organization, e.g. our cooperation partner DEKRA and have a valuation report prepared for your vehicles to be auctioned, which is simultaneously a description of the condition. In this way, you can achieve faster and higher sales at online auctions and the buyer will not experience any nasty surprises if the described condition differs from the actual condition.

Dealers (sellers and buyers) from all over Europe can take advantage of the opportunity from July 2020 and market their vehicles through BIDaTRUCK’s various sales channels (advertisement with several innovativ features, auction and blind auction). Furthermore, BIDaTRUCK offers dealers the opportunity to set up their own auction portal and adapts individually to the internal structures of your company.

In addition, with our cooperation partner mobileGARANTIE we offer a solution for trucks up to 40 t, with which forwarding agents, truck dealers and workshops are no longer on their own after the factory warranty expires in the event of a repair. Two options can be freely selected from the service package with a term of up to 12 months: Coverage 60,000 or 100,000 km mileage. More information can be found in the flyer under the following link: https://mobile-garantie.de/sonderfahrzeuggarantien/garantie-lkw/

We look forward to all of your vehicles and offer several interfaces on how you can easily and conveniently mirror your vehicle inventory to us. Let us also surprise you, because as an innovative startup company we still have some products and ideas for dealers in the implementation that you will definitely like.

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